Legacy Application Modernization

Software system yesterdays’ code no longer can achieve maintenance and enhancement of the desired system properties often the businesses challenges of keeping the business value of those systems while keeping updated software technologies, engineering process and business practice to be competitive and contemporary. Legacy software systems still being valuable to its stakeholders to the extent that their failure has a detrimental impact on the business.

Application Modernization an important BUSINESS DRIVERS

Application Modernization an important TECHNICAL DRIVERS

IPP your true technology partner can help you create a user experience approach to modernization, keeping real business value through transformational and consultative services that include: Application Modernization and Migration, Collaboration Modernization and Migration, Infrastructure Modernization and Migration.

We can create new user experiences and application through best-in-class tools that encapsulate precise and well-documented application programming interfaces (APIs) with modern architecture on upgrade technologies. We can work around your budget and approach for Application Modernization.

Our end to end services allow you to choose from a variety of metrics-based framework – from different modernization methods – Web enabling, re-engineering, re-hosting, componentization, and new development.
IPP customer focus approach has helped to surface business and technologies risks to the clients and offered an opportunity to the client with an incremental approach solution which is flexible, cost-sensitive, risk and time in a way that meets the client unique requirements. IPP user-friendly modern technologies have offered prompt response at ease without any functionality alterations.

IPP is partnering with the Modern Systems USA to provide solutions to enterprise problems specific to Legacy Technology and Mainframe modernization. The unique TECHNOLOGY helps customers reduce cost around existing mainframe applications, integrate legacy data with modern platforms and reduce risk around migrating to a new target to achieve customer goals faster and more effectively than any other solutions on the market. Modern technology (Cloud Computing and Automation) to the Legacy Environment in a way that creates a CLEAR VALUE DRIVEN PATH to the target state.

IPP provides a flexible, incremental approach that balances cost, risk and time in a way that meets each customer’s unique requirements. This unique mix of services empowers customers to move at their own pace while reducing risk and cost each step of the way.

Since 1993 IPP has travelled through the technologies evaluation and has helped customer modernize applications. We have provided a variety of application modernization services to address numerous technology-specific business challenges. IPP has empowered customer to modernize the applications to its own pace while reducing risk and project timelines.

We can offer you knowledge-based holistic approach understanding key Legacy Application processes and business functions and develop a solution in modern technology architecture with your current business requirements.

Our Capability to provide