Documentation Management

As the volume of content continues to rise, organizations struggle to use it effectively. It has always been challenging for an Organization to discover ways of protecting its intellectual property & content, recognize its value, and then act on it for the current and future better business insight and outcomes. IPP Technologies specialized in offering DMS solution can offer a range of Document Management solutions that deliver content in context to fully harness business information.

Does your organization have first-hand experience learning the distinctions between KM and DM? If so, did you discover the differences the hard way, after implementation of an inadequate system, or did you research the key points of difference at the beginning of the process, before purchasing a product? What advice would you have for others who are seeking effective knowledge or document management solutions to streamline internal operations?

DMS is your digital “filing cabinet” includes document creation, retention, and accessibility.

Having implemented the tool without a clear understanding of what the business user needs, and the product’s true capabilities and limitations, the organization will soon experience a cascade of failures. It begins with complaints from end-users such as, “The search doesn’t work,” and soon it becomes obvious to everyone that the tool will never achieve the goals that were established at the onset.

IPP’s DMS solutions are based on the industry-leading collaboration products from Microsoft SharePoint and HP TRIM Records Manager. Our strong background in document and records management combined with years of experience implementing and integrating successful projects enable us to offer a complete range of value-added solution capabilities.

Document management is the process of handling documents in such a way that information can be created, shared, organized, and stored efficiently and appropriately. As such, learning how to create a document management system is critical for businesses.

With huge amounts of data that people have to manage and sift through, a DMS will become an indispensable tool, allows you to store and manage your files in a single location as well as share or collaborate on documents.

SharePoint Document Management System (DMS) helps to manage and control the life process of all documents within your organization. Metadata based SharePoint Document Management System is a simple SharePoint Document Library. A user can upload, modify any documents as well search a document which is based on keywords like File names, content or metadata within the organization. So that it will easy to find which file a user need. SharePoint as an intranet alone fosters team collaboration, engagement and cooperation, but coupled with its built-in DMS capability, it takes productivity and team collaboration to the next level.

Is your business needs a good system to keep order and to maintain all the libraries?

IPP can help you implement SharePoint DMS

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