Test Automation

With IPP Automation Testing skilled and experience hands establish more efficient processes to manage software changes. WE SUPPORT A WIDE RANGE OF TECHNOLOGIES, WITH UNIT, API & UI AUTOMATION TESTING SOLUTIONS. IPP Automation Testing services can deliver continuous improvement in delivery and implement Test Automation with minimal efforts and maximum accuracy from a several tests running simultaneously across app, browser, or OS to save time. IPP team identifies areas of test automation framework suited for the purpose and providing an execution summary as a guideline for the automation Process and Approach. The test automation pyramid, starting with the Unit Tests foundation level – writing high-quality code at the lowest level of the pyramid and moving on to – API Tests middle level allowing for testing business logic – inputs and outputs to UI Tests Top level the cherry on top to ensure that the UI itself is working that emulates clicks on a screen such as network speed. 

IPP team has established central, independent model to ensure consistent quality assurance, testing and governance across all development activities, allowing organisations to accept and deploy quality solutions into production. IPP Test Management team can assist with documentation, testing and quality artefacts required during the planning, design and execution phases of projects.

Automation Services We Provide

Our Engagement Model

1 - Empower

Establish QA Standards, Set-up framework, Establish Methodology, Decide on Process and Templates, Determine Tools, Testing progress and Reporting

2 - Elevate

Staff Augmentation, Collaborating and Partnering with the internal team, Training and Competency Support, Coaching and Monitoring, Enhancing capability of the testing team and Process Improvement

3 - Outsourcing Model

Taking care of end to end complete testing requirement.