ICT Contracting

Process and People Tailored to Technology Excellence

IPP can offer real-time answers to customer inquiries and convert potentials into providing the right service with the speed of communication and prompt action. IPP procurement process has the knowledge, skills, experience and confidence to make ICT professional contracting work suited best to the clients’ requirements. IPP ICT professional contracting service aims to help the client locating, generating and accessing skilled and experience candidates best suited for the requirements. IPP ICT contracting service is engaging with new technology, new ideas, capability and is responsive to the demand for the ongoing technological trends.

Choosing IPP for ICT professional contracting service you are assured about RETAINING CONTROL – keep it within reach of how, when and where to do it, COST-EFFECTIVE – skills appropriate competitive rates and RISK PROTECTION – alerting and flagging on time limitations of the resource and technology.

Our Services


Aim to achieve the best-suited outcome. Implement good governance as per contract agreement Identify Needs & Define Risk. Set Expectations Establish Goals.

Contract management

Manage contracts milestones Scheduling timetables to ensure continuity of services.


Administrative efficiency Flexibility for the required paperwork Streamline workflow for contracts renewal, timesheets and payments.

Economic Benefits

Opportunity to quantify money guarantee. Negotiate a contract that works for the interest of the involved parties.

Embracing agility

Observing ICT procurement practices as per the requirements of local government and corporate agencies.

IPP ICT contracting service offerings are backed by years of experience working with local and global clients. IPP ICT service takes responsibility for the entire procurement sourcing and management. We’ll work with the client’s procurement process and together achieve workflow visibility into the agreed-upon processes until reach the expected outcome. IPP ICT professional contracting service offers: