Archival and Site Migration

Globalization and rapid changes in the technologies space resulted in the businesses today necessary to get engage in a lot of movement on many different levels. Ongoing movement has made email archiving and data migration more critical and has forced many companies to protect the company email communication and transfer file storage regularly. Data has become an important consideration for all organisations. As data continues to grow, businesses demand a future-proof solution that is scalable and cost-effective. Email archive and the data management is a critical part of a company’s legal and corporate compliance requires transition with 100% data fidelity and transparency. Managing storage approach varies greatly from business to business, many who flourish in storing their critical email communication and company data use a third-party technology to help them along the way.

IPP Capabilities

IPP has experience in managing complex data migration projects like Information Archiving and Storage Management, Data Migration Assessment, Analysis and Consulting Services, Building a business case and establishing an appropriate budget, Installation and deployment. IPP value add proposition includes the actual migration itself, comprehensive management of migration project, proven methodology and skilled resources, minimal start-up time, continuous access to data, zero loss of data integrity, validating a successful data migration, optimal performance to minimize project duration, minimal impact on IT staff and Resources.

Archive migrations are technically challenging projects. IPP experience and expertise combined with project management methodologies and partner solution enable us to meet customer requirements of migration and archival of data. The right tools and technologies can reduce the complexities and can reduce costs by not increasing investment in storage, servers, support, licences and maintenance and improve better performance if data that can be moved to an archive is not cluttering production systems.

IPP can address your concern in regards to site migration and archiving solution and work with you to make the move safely and efficiently. IPP can assist you in significant cost savings by not storing infrequently used data on primary storage, and by minimizing the time it takes to perform backups. IPP experience and skills set with the intelligent migration technology spans assessment, proof of concept, and execution, to help customers achieve their migration goals more quickly and with less risk. IPP can help you choosing the correct channel to store the business important data for the disaster recovery and compliance requirements.

Email Archival

Email is the most popular business communication tool and it is gaining importance as a destination for authentication, notification, authorization, issue resolution, etc. for digital businesses

Site Migration

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