ITC Contracting

Contracting Excellence - Process, Content, Technology and People

IPP has the knowledge, skills, experience and confidence to make ICT contracting work for your benefits. IPP ICT contracting capability is responsive to ongoing technological trends. IPP ICT Contracting as a Service is flexible, cost-effective, quality outcome focus and rapidly deployable. IPP ICT Contracting service profile describes IPP approach to ICT Contracting as a Service stating the rights and obligations for mutually interested parties, to set out responsibilities in executing the contract, and indicative of a benchmark for the current remuneration package. IPP ICT Contracting service is focused on the contracting process, and its associated forms/templates, contracting collaborative life cycle management and sourcing skilled resource to maximize the gain from the use of technology. 

IPP has experience handling overseas as well as Australian engagements suiting to client requirement. 

IPP ICT Contracting service offers the distinctive advantage of retaining respective CONTROL – keep it within reach of how, when and where to do it, COST-EFFECTIVE – skills appropriate competitive rates and tailored around RISK-BASED APPROACH – working closely with the client alerting and flagging on time-related to the resource and technology risk. Choosing IPP for ICT Contracting you are assured: